When I was a kid, I didn’t travel very much. And I wasn’t much of an adventurer- I was happy, and felt most secure staying close to home. The world felt big and somewhat frightening to me. I was kind of scared of everything when I was younger, especially as a child. Just a nervous soul, I guess. I used to be terrified to fly too, like panic-attack scared. I attribute this to the plane crashes that I watched over and over on the news as a kid- so when it was my turn to fly- I was convinced that disaster was certain. Monitor your kid’s news intake…check.

Fast forward to being a grown up (sort of) and taking several deep breaths and a few drinks before boarding, and I’ve found the more I fly, the more I travel- the more it’s fine- even fun (especially first class- I mean you have NO IDEA you’re even on a plane). Seriously. Really.

That old counseling technique I learned in graduate school- “flooding”- is pretty good at getting you pushed past the paralyzing fear that convinces you to stay far, far away from what terrifies you. On the contrary- you should do it over and over again- until you’ve put fear in it’s place.

So since I’m no longer terrified of flying and the world seems like it’s gotten much smaller- I’ve been bitten by the travel bug- and so far have been to 40 of the 50 states, several islands in the Caribbean, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France, and most recently- Italy.

I’ve found that traveling and experiencing different places, cultures, languages, ways of knowing- and food, oh the food!- is something I really enjoy. Last autumn I traveled to Italy for the first time. Venice, the Cinque Terre, and Florence. Loved every minute. Eye candy forever, and to me, a visual artist, the perfect place to capture as much as I could on my camera. Looking forward to sharing that and other trips with you here.

My blog is full of daily life, photographs that document the ordinary and occasionally- when I have the chance to adventure- travel. Thanks for following along!

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