So this 365 (6) project has come to a close.  It’s been a great year to document- a lot happened!  Always great to look back over photos from a whole year and be able return to that time.  One of the most important aspects of capturing a 365 is printing it, and of course I’ll be doing just that.  What’s in store for 2017?  There are lots of plans in the works, and first I’ll be sharing some of my fine art prints from my recent trip to Italy.  Thanks for being part of this project, and taking the time to share in my posts.  Happy, happy new year!  Enjoy the creative journey! 366/366 (bonus day!)mpi3652016-day-366

When the winter rolls around- after the holidays- we typically find some “inside” work to do- sort of necessary cause everything outside is frozen.  It’s finally time for a redo on our basement- Mr. P has been wanted this for years- but now that our kiddos are a little older- a more “tween friendly” hang out location is desired.  So off to paint store to check out the color pallet, and look at carpet, and wow, a large screen TV would be great too.  See what happens when you start with paint?  Sheesh.  365/365mpi3652016-day-365

Many years ago I learned to ski, thanks to my family in New Mexico. They spoiled me with my first ski experiences in Santa Fe and Taos.  Because I learned to ski, I took Mr P skiing not too long after we got married. He’d never skied before but picked it up pretty easily. Then when our kids came along we introduced them to skiing as well. Now that they are all well able to ski, it’s fun to share this family activity together. Some of us ski a little faster than others but it’s all good fun. Skiing in Galena, IL overlooking the Mississippi was a post Christmas treat!! 363/365

Off to Galena, IL for a few days to ski and hang out with friends. This is the sweetest little town in western Illinois. 362/365

‘Twas the day after Christmas and the hound could not get off the sofa. Clearly way too much Christmas cheer! 361/365

Love having these hands all together making cookies and assembling a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. 359/365

Took a cooking class with Mr. P today. Chicken, polenta, and a green bean salad. Always fun to learn new techniques and recipes. Lesson one- use kosher salt when cooking. Lesson two- turn food only once. Lesson three- eat more polenta- it’s good!  358/365