The Perfect Gift.

So, if you know someone who loves Chicago,Marita Poll Images Chicago ColorMarita Poll Images Elvis at the Chicago Theater Or the streets of Paris…Marita Poll Images Rue de RivoliOr maybe Venice?Marita Poll Images Venice Bridge of SighsMarita Poll Images Venice Laundry 1We’ve got a Limited Edition Fine Art Print for them!  Available in several sizes, shipped directly to you in time for holiday gift giving!  Click here to purchase.  We’ll make it easy, you’ll be happy and they’ll love their gift.  How thoughtful are YOU? #maritapollimages

Door to explore.

Hey there!  So I changed it all up this year.  I’ve been posting my photos on a portfolio page rather than on the blog so far this year- so head on over to check it out- here I would love you to take a look and leave a comment.  Hope your summer is going well no matter where you are!  Enjoy! xoxoMarita Poll Images FlorenceFlorence, Italy.  October 2016.

Student of light.

As an artist, I’m always examining light.  Especially natural light- which I love most of all.  I was told some years ago that the light in Italy is exceptional.  This shot, from Venice, just before the light of day was completely gone from the sky,  is an example of that beautiful Italian light.Marita Poll Images Venice 16 Molto bello!

Campo Del Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto in Venice.  Setting for Shakespeare’s  Merchant of Venice.  Jews were forced to live here from the 16th to the 18th century.  Delightful section of Venice that still is home to Venice’s small Jewish community (source)Marita Poll Images Venice


Is there anything appealing about laundry?  Not to me, usually- but transport me to Venice, and it’s as if a sheet hung across a canal is artistic perfection.  Because it just is.  Honored that this photo was recently selected for the Out of Chicago Winter Conference photo contest.  Marita Poll Images Venice Laundry 1.jpg