As a photographer, the winter months are a lovely time to enjoy a little down time, tidy things up around the studio, and prepare for the new season.  This winter though, I was connected to a most wonderful client, who asked me to photograph some award-winning volunteers in Lake County.  Meeting these volunteers and making their portraits was humbling.  The work they do to benefit so many in our community is inspiring.  Thanks to all these wonderful volunteers for sharing your stories and for allowing me to photograph you.  To learn more please visit LCC shoot MwebLCC shoot H webLCC shoot LwebLCC shoot TwebLCC shoot CwebLCC shoot_7922 webcopyLCC shoot D webLCC shoot web bLCC shoot Jweb

I finally have a little time- after the crazy fall and holiday rush- to look through and enjoy and edit some of my photos from Paris in October.

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These prints will be available in my Etsy store soon.  Link to store below~

2013.  An. Amazing. Year.

So grateful for so, so many blessings.

One of which is being home.


Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


So this is the coolest most beautiful holiday house walk!

I’ve been checking out all the gorgeous homes.

You should too!

And I thought this year- I’d share a little of the Poll abode…

We really enjoy decorating for the holidays.



The front entry is always festive and bright.  We like to include home-made decorations and classic family treasures.



If you grew up in Chicago, like me, then you remember the Field’s windows and santa.  We still go down to the city to check out the windows and take our kids to the Walnut room for lunch.


Snuggly little creatures can be found throughout our holiday home.  From the entry to the family room…


We used to have our Christmas tree in the formal living room- but since we spend most of our time in the family room- we decided that was the better place to really enjoy the tree.


And all the lovely little things we’ve collected over the years.


Like the ornaments my hubby gives me every year- one a year for 24…(this one is from ’08…and see that look on my deer face?- that’s a total summary of the year ’08, and come to think of it- we all kind of looked like our deer faces THAT year…but that’s another story entirely)

’10 was a much more singing by candle light Polar Bear type year…


We enjoy wooden santa and read “The Christmas Lamb”~ a lovely little cloth book made especially for our Sam when he was a little man by a very special family friend.


We also enjoy advent and counting the days…waiting for the child.


Our kitchen is always full of holiday joy, from watering the rosemary, to hanging our stockings, to celebrating Hanukkah.






Yes, we are an interfaith family that shares all of our faith traditions.  It doesn’t work for all, but it does for us.  We embrace it.  We adore all the ways we can connect to Him.


I keep waiting for the Lego store to come out with some type of Hanukkah set…


Just a few more peeks of our decorations before you head out…




Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.