This one is special, and typical and wonderful~ from the oldest to the youngest and everyone in between.  They traveled from all over the country to be together for a short period of time and enjoy family.

What a pleasure to spend some time with them making their portraits.

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As a photographer, the winter months are a lovely time to enjoy a little down time, tidy things up around the studio, and prepare for the new season.  This winter though, I was connected to a most wonderful client, who asked me to photograph some award-winning volunteers in Lake County.  Meeting these volunteers and making their portraits was humbling.  The work they do to benefit so many in our community is inspiring.  Thanks to all these wonderful volunteers for sharing your stories and for allowing me to photograph you.  To learn more please visit LCC shoot MwebLCC shoot H webLCC shoot LwebLCC shoot TwebLCC shoot CwebLCC shoot_7922 webcopyLCC shoot D webLCC shoot web bLCC shoot Jweb

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